Occasionally, the seals on our Sous Chef, Master Chef, and Jars come off; this is normal when twisting off the cap.Among others, there are a few well-known methods to apply liners on bottles and jars in the food industry.

  1. Pressure sensitive line (which you may notice a white liner under the cap)
  2. Heat seal (passing the products through a heat tunnel to apply the liner)
  3. Radiation
We chose pressure sensitive lines for the following reasons, in spite of it not being able to create a 100% tight closure.

  1. Pressure sensitive lines are the most environmentally friendly of the three options. They require less use of energy to make.
  2. Unlike pressure sensitive liners, heat or radiation may change the property of the spices and incur additional production costs—as a result, increases to customers’ price.
  3. Organics are limited to exposure. We cannot irradiate according to USDA NOP regulations.
Please note that we are aggressively researching to get help from industry professional for a new, safe, environment friendly solution to apply the closure.